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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Song Of The Year 2013: # 10 - 06

Hey folks,

it's getting more and more interesting. Here is the second part of my personal song of the year ranking, covering # 10 to 06!
Please don't forget to tell me, which songs impressed you very much in 2013! :)

# 10: FAIR WARNING - "Real Love"


Sadly there is no Youtube-Video to this song, so I can just recommend you to check it out at Amazon and other Online-Shops. It's a great power ballad in a very traditional style.

# 09: VEGA - "White Knuckle Ride"

 # 08: FOX - "Hang On Ruby"

And another one without a video :( If you want to listen to a real kick-ass Hard Rock song, then this one is for you - a true neckbreaker!

# 07: SHYLOCK - "Anything"

I hate it if something is not available on Youtube. Here is the next one in the line: Shylock's "Anything" is a very cool Melodic Rock song with great guitar work and a stunning chorus line. This one should be played on all radio stations!

# 06: W.E.T. - "Love Heals"

Watch out for # 05 - 01! Tomorrow!!!!

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