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Friday, March 28, 2014

CD-Review: Steel Panther - "All You Can Eat"

If you are into 80's Hair Metal, you can't ignore the American cock-Rockers of Steel Panther. In a very short time they've gained a huge fanbase and most of all this is due to their image. Steel Panther are the worst nightmare for feminists, intellectuals,believers and many more. Especially the latter won't be happy when they see the cover artwork to the new album "All You Can Eat". Steel Panther stands for Rock'n'Roll, drugs and sexism like no other band, so the concept is clear. The question is: will this work a third time or is the whole thing worn off?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Exclusive Interview with NILS MOLIN (Dynazty)

Without a doubt Swedish Rockers DYNAZTY are one of the most promising groups in Metal right now. With each album the young band got stronger and stronger and also the forthcoming album "Renatus" is no exception, although Dynazty sound more different this time. The Hard Rock outfit turned into Power Metal, so it was time to ask vocalist Nils Molin some questions about this decision, the departure of Joel Fox Apelgren, Melodifestivalen and much more.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Exclusive Interview with NIC MAEDER (GOTTHARD)

If there is a man, who was not to be envied in 2011 it has to be GOTTHARD vocalist NIC MAEDER. After the tragic death of Steve Lee he had big shoes to fill - and he succeeded.
Now in 2014 he is an integrated band member, that gives the Swiss superstars a more fresh and younger note. The forthcoming record "Bang!" proves it (Review is coming soon). So it was time for me to talk with this very charismatic guy about the new album, the pressure of being the new Gotthard singer and his past. Here is what he had to say. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

CD-Review: Sonata Arctica - "Pariah's Child"

Beside the German band Freedom Call another Power Metal group wants to go a step back to their roots this year. Sonata Arctica are one of those bands that changed their musical style very much over the years. Starting as a traditional Power Metal band they quickly became a Progressive Metal band and the latest output "Stones Grow Her Name" felt more like a very melodic Hard Rock record. "Pariah's Child" was announced as the big revelation for die-hard-fans. Is this true?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

CD-Review: Dynazty - "Renatus"

If there is a young talented band from Sweden that could impress me with each new album more and more, it has to be DYNAZTY. They came out of nowhere and with their latest album "Sultans Of Sin" they presented the best Hard Rock record in 2012 in my opinion. Now - two years later - they come along with their follow-up "Renatus" and one thing is for sure: this is their most controversial record to date.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

CD-Review: Pretty Maids - "Louder Than Ever"

The Danish cult rockers PRETTY MAIDS don't want to take a break: it's exactly one year ago when Ronnie Atkins and Co. released their latest album "Motherland", which was followed by a long European-Tour. Inbetween they recorded their new effort "Louder Than Ever" - an album that consists of re-recordings from songs of the 1995 - 2006 era, plus four brand new tracks. Let's see if those new versions make sense.