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Saturday, August 30, 2014

CD-Review: Dion Bayman - "Afterburn"

The Pop/Rock sensation from Down Under is back: Dion Bayman came out of nowhere in 2013 with his album "Smoke & Mirrors", which surprised and impressed me very much back then, so it was easy for Dion to end up in my top list of the best albums last year. Just one year later Mr. Bayman reaches for the stars again with his new record "Afterburn" on September 23rd.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

CD-Review: Kissin' Dynamite - "Megalomania"

When it comes to German Metal/Hard Rock acts, Kissin' Dynamite are handled as the big hope in this genre since their very first album, so it's unbelievable that these guys release already their fourth album in September. "Megalomania" is the follow-up to the great "Money, Sex & Power" and has big shoes to fill. The title promises a monster of an album, but what has it really to offer?

Friday, August 1, 2014

CD-Review: Unisonic - "Light Of Dawn"

It's really strange how fast time passes by. It's been two years now since the German "supergroup" Unisonic released their selftitled debut album and to me it doesn't feel like such a long time. Speaking about this one Unisonic had to deal with very mixed reactions from the fanbase and critics. After the single "Unisonic" fans expected singer Michael Kiske to return to his Helloween-roots and at the end of the day this album sounded more like a mixture of Hard Rock and AOR instead of Power Metal. But what about the new album "Light Of Dawn"?