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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Album Of The Year 2013: # 05 - 01

Hello my friends,

now the time has come: today I reveal my top five album of the year list! Those five albums are the ones I can always listen to without getting bored.
Some of you wrote me already which records you prefer. For those of you who didn't do it until now: feel free to write me a message or leave a comment under this post. I'm very interested in what YOU are thinking. So, now let's start the final countdown. :)

# 05: SHYLOCK - "Walking Tall"

This one came out very early this year and was one of those albums with an 8 out of 10 review score, which grew on me more and more in the last eleven months. I can't get it out of my cd-player and this means a lot. Shylock made their strongest record to date with a bunch of Hard Rock hits and a good production. Sadly another underrated band from Germany, but with "Walking Tall" they don't need to hide for Bonfire, Gotthard, Shakra, etc. If you enjoy one of those bands, you will love "Walking Tall"!!! Give it enough spins and you'll realize the class of this album.

# 04: ROBIN BECK - "Underneath"

Another album, which came out of nowhere to me. I expected a solid one from this female rock legend ... but what I got was just a stunning piece of work. Robin Beck never sounded that fresh and traditional at the same time. This is the best example, how AOR/Melodic Rock should sound in 2013! With "Underneath" Robin took a huge step forward without letting her roots out of sight. Everybody who loves this kind of music can buy this one blindly. I'm very excited what is coming up next from this first-class singer!

# 03: RECKLESS LOVE - "Spirit"

You need the ultimate soundtrack for your next Rock/Metal party? Here it is! On their last album "Animal Attraction" these guys sounded more like a boygroup, but this time we get the perfect load of hooks in a Sleaze/Glam Metal album, which kicks ass as hell. In its genre it is the best this year. Every song is an earworm. This album brings you in a fantastic mood. I hope these guys will follow this path. "Spirit" was definitely a step in the right direction!

# 02: PRETTY MAIDS - "Motherland"

Oh yes, this was another grower. In the beginning it was a really good album to me, but when I warmed up I couldn't put it aside. "Motherland" is one of the best Melodic Metal records this year. The songwriting is very good and it doesn't wear off so quickly. The production kicks ass, too and what can I say about Ronnie Atkins? I love his voice and the way he is singing. He is one of the best singers we have in Metal. Pretty Maids live their second spring and I can't wait to hear the re-recordings next year!

# 01: AVANTASIA - "The Mystery Of Time"

Did I already mention that I love Tobias Sammet? I think everybody who followed my stuff shouldn't be surprised that "The Mystery Of Time" made it to # 1! It was the year of Avantasia: the release of the new record was followed by a huge world tour. With this album Tobi Sammet created a future classic. Beside amazing guest musicians like Joe Lynn Turner, Ronnie Atkins, Eric Martin, Bob Catley, Michael Kiske and others, stunning songwriting and a real orchestra "The Mystery Of Time" delivers a Symphonic/Melodic/Power Metal album with a huge epic scale and fantastic atmosphere. There is no filler in sight. I take my hat off to Tobias Sammet. Thank you for this masterpiece!


  1. Pretty Maids!! This album has so many awesome tracks including Infinity and Bullet for you! =))

  2. "Bullet For You" was my personal # 03 song of the year :)

  3. album of the year: Pretty Maids:Motherland. No doubt. a masterpiece

  4. what about the latest album from Pink Cream 69 ?

  5. The latest Pink Cream 69 was solid stuff to me, but there were many releases last year I liked much more than Pink Cream 69 ;) Take a look at my Review to their album :)

  6. I there, I loved you site first of all! :)
    About the best hard rock Cd´s from 2013 I pick some thing different.

    I am a fan of Tobias S. but i tried to listen to that last avantasia album... but ... No chance! I dont understant it... It was my BAD albums of the year.


    1 - Charming Grace - Charming Grace (no chance.... The one)
    2 - Reckless Love - Spirit (getting better each cd)
    3 - Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Land of New Hope (Timo returned strongly to me with this record, it a personal choice here)

    * need to listen to Pretty Maids I missed that one... :)

  7. Hey Ivo!

    Great to hear you love this site :)

    Yes, give Pretty Maids a listen.
    Like everything - it's a matter of taste and personally I'm still listening to the latest Avantasia album again and again. But the records you mentioned were also really good ones. Reckless Love was fantastic too. In May you'll find a live report from their tour here on my blog, so stay tuned! :)