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Monday, December 3, 2012

Album/Song of the Year 2012 - Countdown starts today!

Hey friends,

an amazing year of Rock'n'Roll is coming to an end. This is a good reason to look back. I'll show you my thoughts about my personal top ten albums and top ten songs of the year 2012. Please note that this list is just my personal opinion. These are the songs and albums, which I liked the most. So I'll post every day one album and one song, starting with number 10 today! So, let's go :)

# 10


Number 10: PLEASURE ADDICTION - "InDependence"

This album was a big surprise to me, because I didn't know this French band. There are only 8 tracks on that CD but they are all very good ones. Pleasure Addiction play music in the vein of Poison, Warrant and Bon Jovi ... these 8 songs are all catchy as hell and stucked in my head for a long time. If you are looking for great 80's driven melodic hard rock this one is for you!


Number 10: KISSIN' DYNAMITE - "Sex Is War"

"Sex Is War" is a true party-anthem and even if the lyrics are ridiculous this song is always fun to listen to.

Watch out for number 9 - record/song tomorrow!!!

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