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Saturday, November 24, 2012

GOTTHARD - Live Review Bamberg, 16.11.2012

Hey folks,

this is the first Live-Review I'm doing here ... and Gotthard are one of my favorite Bands. So let's see if they are as good as always without Steve Lee ... or not.

I've to say it was my fifth concert of these guys and I had the honor to met them in April this year, during their videoshoot for "Starlight", so I'm a bit biased.

The Stechert Arena in Bamberg was very big ... much bigger than the venue in Berlin - two weeks earlier. So what we got here was a really big crowd and a much bigger stage with lots of effects and beautiful lighting. But that's just incidental ... it depends on the music and sound here.

At first I have to say that the Support-Act Unisonic (some would call them a "Supergroup") have done a good job ... some songs were great like "We Rise" or "Never Change Me Tonight", some other songs were just "ok". It was fun to watch them but not much thrilling.

The main act entered the stage at 9.30 p.m. and from the very beginning it was a blast. The sound was powerful and we saw 5 guys who had obviously fun on stage. They kicked off with "Dream On" and I can tell you one thing: Gotthard found definitely the right man at the microphone. Nic Maeder delivered an outstanding vocal performance. He got his own voice-style, but he is also close enough to the great voice Steve Lee had - so that singing the old Gotthard songs was no problem for him. Sometimes it sounds very familiar and you think Steve is still there. The emotional highlight at this night was the time when Nic and the whole crowd sang "One Life One Soul" for Steve. That was just pure magic and a welcome alternation to a mostly very rockin' set.

Gotthard had also a little surprise for their manager - it was his birthday and so the guys took him on stage and sang with the fans the typical "Happy Birthday"-song. Another surprise was the G.String Quartet on the acoustic set.

It was great to see how much fun all the band members had on stage after a long tragic time. Leo Leoni seemed to be more representative than usual and did a great job on the guitar and on teasing the fans. All in all I have to say those guys know what they are doing. They are all professionals.
After 100 minutes of great hard rock tunes and beautiful ballads Gotthard left me with a smile on my face ... because now I was sure they had done all the right choices and that means there will be a lot more concerts and albums in the nearer future. Thank you guys!

  1. Dream On
  2. Gone Too Far
  3. Starlight
  4. Remember It's Me
  5. Sister Moon
  6. Hush
    (Billy Joe Royal cover)
  7. One Life, One Soul
  8. The Story's Over
  9. Fist in Your Face
  10. Gimme Real
  11. Drum Solo
  12. Falling
    (with G.String Quartet)
  13. Tell Me
    (with G.String Quartet)
  14. Heaven
    (with G.String Quartet)
  15. Mountain Mama
  16. Right On
  17. Lift U Up

  18. Master of Illusion
  19. Anytime Anywhere
    (with G.String Quartet)

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