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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Live-Report: STEEL PANTHER - Spread The Disease Tour (Berlin, 25.02.2014)

With a new album coming up, the American Glam Metal heroes STEEL PANTHER visited Berlin during their "Spread The Disease Tour". Yeah and what can I say? They brought the L.A. Sunset Strip and the glory 80's right into the capital of Germany. It was my first Steel Panther show and it was a blast (or to say it in Steel Panther slang: that was bitchin').  I'll tell you why in this live-report!

I love these guys. Point. I think Steel Panther is the only band, who celebrates and parodies the 80's Hair Metal scene at the same time and with so much passion like no other band in this genre. Yes, it's all about sex, metal and hairspray and Steel Panther don't take themselves so serious, but behind this crazy image you'll discover four fantastic musicians, who have the ability to write Hard Rock /Metal hits on the assembly line! Lots of people said that Steel Panther is also a fantastic live band and when I saw them in Berlin on February 25th, 2014 they blew my mind. When you go to a Steel Panther show it seems like you were attending some kind of carnival. Many fans wearing costumes (primarily spandex pants & wigs) and makeup.

But before Steel Panther entered the stage, the French Sleaze Metal band Sleekstain had the plessure to turn up the volume in the venue, which was packed with 1.500 crazy "Fanthers" (or call it: Steel Panther fans). Sleekstain couldn't convince me that much. It's a typical Sleaze band, who thinks in this genre everything is about powerchords and screaming - but no, it's not! Many songs sounded similar, the band rocked hard but hooks and melodies remained on track. The shouter was ok, but I wouldn't call him a singer, because he was just screaming. Some people may like this kind of stuff, but it wasn't my cup of tea.

Around 10pm Steel Panther started their show and from the first tone of "Eyes Of A Panther" the whole crowd was out of control. I attended many concerts now, but I never experienced such an energy from an audience. Everybody was freakin' out and I mean EVERYBODY. But later more on that.

Singer Michael Starr was in perfect shape - this man has an amazing vocal range and he knows how to handle the crowd. Same goes to guitarplayer Satchel and Bass player Lexxi Foxxx, who are also two very talented musicians. It was great to see how they were making jokes with each other about woman, woman, woman, sex, cocks, ... therefore Satchel learned some German words like "Titten", which means tits and the whole crowd shouted it out. You could easily say between most of the songs they were talking around five to ten minutes but it was absolutely funny. Escpecially Lexxi had an own mirror cabinet, where he always styled himself, while Michael and Satchel were talking. Drummer Stix Zadinia did also a great job, but in comparison to the three leading guys he remained somewhat pale. He didn't say a word.
So, was there anything else to see at this show? Yes for sure: tits and lots of beautiful woman. You expect that when you go to a Steel Panther show. Many girls from the audience entered the stage during three songs. It was great to see how they were partying and flirting with the LA guys.

So, did I forget something? Oh yes ... the music. Sorry. You see, with so much eye candy it was hard to concentrate on other things. :) No, I'm just kidding. The band had a strong set of songs from their previous two records, like "Death To All But Metal", "Just Like Tiger Woods" and "Tomorrow Night", mixed up with three brand new tracks from their forthcoming album "All You Can Eat". Like I said there was party non stop, but the climax was reached with the encore: The band-hymn "Community Property" and the stadium rocker "Party All Day (Fuck All Night)" made the crowd go insane.

Speaking about the crowd again: when I have to criticize something at this evening then some idiots in the audience, who thought they have to do crowdsurfing again and again. I've no problem with the beer cups, which were thrown on the stage, as well as bananas and a little bag of cocaine (yes, it looked like that) and it's also OK when you do crowdsurfing once, BUT there were people, who did that all the f*ckin' time! I counted up to twenty (!) people, who were removed by the security while they were "swimming" in the audience. Yeah, everybody wants to party and have a great time, but you drunken idiots disturbed the whole concert, because everybody had to be careful on his own head!

Finally I can only say if you haven't seen Steel Panther already go and buy your ticket when they are playing in your city. Don't be afraid of their image - I think even people, who don't like the music will have so much fun on a Steel Panther show. Give it a try and you can add another concert to your "shows I'll never forget"-list ... like me.

You'd like to see more pictures from the show? Then take a look at the official Facebook-Page to this blog:


01. Eyes Of A Panther
02. Tomorrow Night
03. Asian Hooker
04. Just Like Tiger Woods
05. Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
06. Let Me Cum In
07. Guitar Solo
08. Turn Out The Lights
09. Gloryhole
10. The Burden Of Being Wonderful
11. Gold Digging Whore
12. It Won't Suck Itself
13. Death To All But Metal

14. Community Property
15. 17 Girls In A Row
16. Party All Day (Fuck All Night)

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