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Friday, February 8, 2013

NEONFLY - more information about the new album!

The UK-rockers Neonfly will start to record their second album on April 1 at Hofa studios in Karlsdorf, Germany. Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Unisonic) will be the producer. Neonfly are excited to work with him. Ward produced lots of great bands in the last 20 years: Krokus, Bob Catley, Primal Fear, Elvenking ... just to name a few.

Guitarist Frederick Thunder comments:

 "The material we have for this album is the best we've ever written, I have no doubt about that. The arrangements are bigger & more bombastic, the riffs are killer, the songs are even more hook laden, and following extensive touring with heroes like Magnum and Freedom Call we feel our playing has reached fever pitch… we're just more together and inspired as a band. With this record we want the fans to get some sense of the energy and ferocity we present in our live shows, whilst at the same time melting their brains with what we aim to be a massively ramped up orchestral scale to our sound."
"That's why it was really important to choose the right producer for this album, to make sure that the scale of the production could match our ambitions, and Dennis is the right man for the job. We just can't wait to get started, and I know once we do, we won't want to stop!"

Nevertheless Neonfly will support Sonata Arctica on their UK-tour in April.
The new album will be released in late 2013! 

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