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Monday, January 7, 2013

TREAT is breaking up!

Sad news today: The Swedish melodic rock legends of TREAT will break up! They announced this some minutes ago on their Facebook-Page. After staying 30 years in the music business Treat will hit the road one last time this year. It's their "Farewell-Tour." This tour is accompanied by the release of a best-of-album with two brand new tracks. Here is the whole statement from the band:

"Treat  plans a big tour, that kicks off with some major festival gigs in the summer, and sees them rockin´on the road in to the autumn.
Then it´s over. For good. ... ”We have a saying in Sweden: You should always leave the party when you have the most fun”, says guitarist and songwriter Anders Wikström who formed the band back in 1983 together with singer Robert Ernlund.
Say what? Treat is breaking up!
Treat has never been a more tight knit rock’n’roll unit than now, and the band is brimming with creativity and excitement. That´s why the band now chooses to call it a day; they want to, as they put it, ”end on a high note”.
”We´re doin’ it out of love and respect for our fans”, Anders Wikström says. ”We quit before they ask us to get the hell out. We want Treat´s legacy to be pure rock´n´roll happiness!”
The decision to close down operation is most amicable, and kind of grew upon the five in the band, but when the decision was made, the band almost immediately started making plans for the farewell party next year.
”We´re going out with a bang and will give our fans a ride they didn´t even knew they wanted.”, says Anders Wikström.
Treat, who released their classic debut album ”Scratch and Bite” back in 1985, now also introduces the new bass player Fredrik Thomander, who’s for years been close to The Band Of Brothers that Treat are: Fredrik has been co-writing songs with the band, mixed ”Coup de Grace” and has already done some gigs as a Treat Brother.
Anders Wikström (guitar and vocals), Robert Ernlund (lead vocals), Jamie Borger (drums), Patrick Appelgren (keyboards and vocals) and Fredrik Thomander (bass and vocals) take Sweden on a turbo charged rock´n´roll journey in 2013.
There’s many ways to say goodbye.
”We wanna party with our fans”, says Robert Ernlund and adds: "The Treat´s on us"!"
They will be missed!!! 

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