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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Special: Forthcoming Rock/Metal albums in 2016!

Hey folks,

today I'd like to take a look into the future. As I mentioned in a previous post, 2015 was a very slow year for me, because many of my favorite bands released their stuff already in 2014, so there was not much left for 2015, beside some surprises. But this means also 2016 will be one hell of a year! Have a look at the following list. It contains the forthcoming records I'm/I was most excited about and has no order or ranking. I just collected some bands here where I know they are currently working on a new album.

But before we start I want to take the time to THANK YOU guys for reading this blog and keep the whole thing rolling. Over 181.000 views show me that this site is still relevant for you and I have to apologize, that I didn't wrote so much stuff in 2015. Beside the lack of favorite releases it was still a matter of time. As you know, I'm running this site on my own and I have a day job. Things can become stressful very quickly. Also 2016 will be very busy for me and there will be months when you don't get to read any new stuff here. So, I want to thank you for your understanding. I'll try to upload new reviews as often as possible. Another thank you goes out to my colleagues at MYGLOBALMIND, who publish my stuff on their website, too. Those guys are doing a fantastic job as well. And last but not least I'd like to thank the musicians and their promoters, for giving me the chance to do all these reviews and interviews (although there was just one this year). Have a happy new year everybody! We'll hear from each other in 2016!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CD-Review: Axel Rudi Pell - "Game Of Sins"

Oh how time flies by. It feels like yesterday when Axel Rudi Pell's latest work "Into The Storm" was released. That was two years ago and everybody, who knows the German Axeman knows, that he is very consistent in what he is doing and so it is no wonder that the follow-up "Game Of Sins" will hit the stores on January 15th. "Into The Storm" was a huge chart success for Pell and I also felt that Axel could increase his songwriting skills from album to album in the last eight years. Let's see if "Game Of Sins" is another step forward.

Monday, December 28, 2015

CD-Review: Last Autumn's Dream - "Paintings"

Every new year sees a new Last Autumn's Dream release. That is as safe as the "Amen" in a church and so the forthcoming record "Paintings" will be released in the end of February 2016. Three years ago I said that the quality doesn't suffer under the annual releases. Now we are at some point where it does. But let me explain this in this review.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

CD-Review: Nordic Union - "Nordic Union"

"Oh my God, not another mediocre Frontiers project" was my first reaction when I read the news about Nordic Union. It is a collaboration between singer Ronnie Atkins from Danish rockers PRETTY MAIDS and Frontiers' "in-house composer"/guitarist Erik Martensson. The latter became one of Melodic Rock's most acclaimed songwriters in recent years with projects like W.E.T, Age Sten Nilsen's Ammunition and his own band Eclipse. Beside those three he contributed even more songs to various other artists. So, I was ready for standard - but very solid - fare. Man, I was so wrong.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Special: Top 10 Album Of The Year 2015!

Hey Rockers,

I hope you guys had a great Christmas Eve! Today I'd like to reveal my top 10 albums of the year 2015. Maybe you found some of them under your Christmas tree???

Please remember: this is a very subjective ranking and a choice from the heart. Ratings are not important. The only thing that matters is the fact that those albums still find a place in my player.
Let me know which albums impressed you in 2015!

Friday, December 25, 2015

CD-Review: Avantasia - "Ghostlights"

Nowadays allstar-projects are nothing new, but remember the year 1999 when Edguy-singer Tobias Sammet defined a whole genre with his solo project Avantasia. The Metal Opera was born and in the following years Avantasia developed into a true force of bombastic Metal. With iconic guest musicians like Alice Cooper, Klaus Meine, Michael Kiske, Jorn Lande, Jon Oliva, Eric Martin and many others joining this ambitious project during the years expectations are getting higher with each new release. On January 29th the wait is over and the seventh album, called "Ghostlights" will hit the stores.

CD-Review: Johnny Lima - "Unplug 'n Play"

Californian Rocker Johnny Lima seems to be more active in recent years. Since 2012 he is touring around the globe, playing shows in America, UK, Sweden, Germany and more. In 2014 his latest record "My Revolution" came out and was one of the best Melodic Hard Rock records of that year. What came next? Some more shows in Northern Europe, but this time with an acoustic set. Maybe that was the reason for Mr. Lima to record a full acoustic album. Before you start to complain now about "boring" unplugged stuff you should read the following lines.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Special: TOP 10 Songs Of The Year 2015!

Hey folks,

after my list of the biggest disappointments in 2015 I'd like to reveal my TOP 10 songs of the year 2015 today. The following ten songs stood the test of time. Those are the ones that touched me somehow. I can't stop listening to these tunes, so if you don't know some of these tracks check them out. I tried to add a Youtube-Videoif possible.
Now let me know your top songs in 2015! I'm very excited which songs made YOUR year even more enjoyable. :)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Special: The biggest disappointments in 2015!

Hello folks,

it's December and the end of the year is near, which means it's time to look back once more. What can I say about 2015? I think for many of you it was a good year for Rock'n'Roll, but to me it was not. All my favorite bands released their stuff in 2014 and so not much was left for 2015. I also attended just one concert this year, which is very disappointing. But I'm really looking forward to 2016 when we will see new releases of Avantasia, Shakra, Axel Rudi Pell, Gotthard, Dynazty, Reckless Love, Richie Sambora (hopefully), Pretty Maids and many more. This will be a great year! But of course 2015 had also some good albums and songs to offer, which I will present you in the next few weeks. For now I'd like to start with the three biggest disappointments in 2015. Please keep in mind that this is a very subjective list and view on things, maybe you see it differently. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!