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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Album/Song of the year 2012 - # 09!

Here we go again ... let's see what we got at number 9 of the ten best records/songs in 2012 ;)

# 09


Number 9: KISSIN' DYNAMITE - "Money, Sex & Power"

Yesterday I "voted" them on number 10 with their song "Sex Is War", today you see the whole album at number 9. These German guys play their ass off. They played so much shows this year ... I couldn't count it. They supported Steel Panther, W.A.S.P, Dragonforce, Mötley Crüe and played also lots of headliner shows. Kissin' Dynamite have the perfect soundtrack for your Rock'n'Roll party. I saw them live this year and I can only recommend you to check these young guys out - live and on CD. As I already mentioned ... the lyrics are totally crap (example: "I'm an Ego-Shooter ..." ... what the hell???) but this band dosen't want to tell you important messages - they just want you to have fun ... and honestly .... that's what this kind of music is all about.


Number 9: FREEDOM CALL - "Hero On Video"

What can I say about these guys? They are also Germans and they coined the genre of "Happy Metal" like no other band. Some people love them, others hate them ... it seems there is nothing in between.
Freedom Call deliver a feel-good-song here. Maybe with too much pop-influence this time but any way - I like this song very much.

Come back tomorrow to see which bands made it up to number 8!

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