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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Album/Song of the year 2012 - # 08!

Are you curious? I'm sure you are ... otherwise why should you stop by again? ;)
Did I mention one of your favorites already???

# 08


Number 8: GOTTHARD - "Firebirth"

Are you surprised? I told you in my Live-Review that I love this band and that they are my favorites ... and now they have only managed position # 08? Let me explain. There are two reasons - first of all: the album is much different then the last ones. "Need To Believe" and "Lipservice" are two all-time-favorites of mine. There were really good elaborated refrains on both records. This wasn't the case on "Firebirth". The focus lies more on groove and riffing. The second reason is simple: there were so many brilliant releases this year, which have convinced me more easily. But hey, they are still my favorite band - they found with Nic Maeder a new great voice, it's so much fun to watch them at concerts and to rock out to their songs ... and most of all they are so pleasant. We speak here about the ten best releases in a whole year - it's still a very good record - even at number eight. Let me know if you have a different opinion. ;)


Number 8: DAWN OF DESTINY - "Miracles"

... and again a German band, but this time something very "different": Dawn Of Destiny is a Symphonic Metal band and their song "Miracles" still haunts me. There are so much great melodies and harmonies in here, so this song is highly recommended! Check it out!

Come back tomorrow to see who reached position # 07!

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