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Friday, December 7, 2012

Album/Song of the year 2012 - # 06!

Since today I see snow everywhere and it's damn cold. So this time I'll try to bring back the summer and beach feeling of 1989 ... you know already who reached position number six? ;)

# 06


Number 6: BEAUTIFUL BEAST - "California Suntan"

Look at this cover artwork ... can't you feel the heat? Haha ... I'm just kidding. Julian Angel, the German mastermind of 80's Hair Metal, put out a second album with his project "Beautiful Beast" and wants to take us back in the late 80's ... and damn yes, he did it! It's so cool to hear a  record and a musician, who dares to sound so old-school nowadays. The production is typical 80's style, the vocals are typical 80's style, the guitar work is typical 80's style, the hooks are typical ... I could go on and on. This guy still lives in 1989 and the whole thing sounds f***ing amazing. The songwriting is great - Julian has the talent to write big arena-anthems and strong power ballads like Bon Jovi, Poison, White Lion, Def Leppard and many others did 25 years ago. This album was my personal summer/holiday-record. Everytime I hear it now it brings back so many great memories of the last summer ... and that is the biggest compliment a musician can get.
Julian, don't let us wait too long for your third Beautiful Beast - record. This one is highly recommended, if you want to brave the cold season!


Number 6: H.E.A.T. - "Living On The Run"

Yesterday you saw this band at positon # 07 in my album ranking - today you can hear the amazing single "Living On The Run" from their current record. Like I said, this is a must-have for AOR and Melodic Rock Fans - this song proves this. Great guitars, beautiful keys and a strong vocal performance here.

Come back tomorrow to see who reached position # 05!

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