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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Album/Song of the year 2012 - # 04!

On # 04 of the top albums 2012 hides something special. Why? This album was already released in 2011 ... but only in Sweden. The rest of the world got it this summer, that's why it is in the list. Another reason is that this longplayer consists mostly of cover-songs from a legendary band, called EUROPE. You know, which LP I mean? ;)

# 04


Number 4: KEE MARCELLO - "Redux: Europe"

Former Europe guitar player Kee Marcello has a lot of trouble with the rest of his old band ... mabye this is the reason why this record sounds more aggressive - and that's a good thing. As I mentioned, there are mostly Europe-Classics on it (The Final Countdown, Carrie, Rock The Night, ...) and only one new song by Kee. The good thing is that all my favorite songs of Europe are on this disc - that's already a big advantage. What I like mostly at this CD are the great guitar solos and the punchy production. This record rocks hard! Kee used less keys and added more guitars on all tracks. This gives each song a harder edge.
The vocals are also aggressive - sometimes Kee screams his heart out. All this peaces work together very well. Kee is still one of the best guitar players on earth - just hear the legendary solo on "Superstitious" and you know what I mean. In my opinion there is only one guitar player in this world, who is better than Kee. Who this is? I'll show you tomorrow ;) But for now, buy this great record and rock out to the best Europe-classics like you've never done before!


Number 4: TOXICROSE - "A Song For The Weak"

ToxicRose are one of the most promissing newcomers this year. This Song is a great Sleaze Metal track ... in my opinion one of the best in years. The EP is out now. Support this great band and buy it! Crashdiet and Hardcore Superstar have to work pretty hard to beat this!

Come back tomorrow to see who reached a position in the TOP 3!

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