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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Special: The biggest disappointments in 2013!

Hey folks,

it's December, that means it's time to look back at this year. What had 2013 to offer? I would say: many amazing records. But before I give you my album/song of the year countdown I want to start with the disappointments this year. Luckily that aren't so many. Feel free to comment and discuss my list. What do you think? What was your fail in 2013?

Nr. 5: THE POODLES - "Tour De Force"

It's very sad to find them here in this list, because I would have loved to see them in the album of the year ranking, but "Tour De Force" is just average compared to their works in the early days. I'm Poodles-Fan since the first hour and I don't like the way this band has chosen. Too much modern influences, too "dark", not many hooks. All in all a big disappointment to me. Some cool tracks, a great production and the technical skills of the band members save this album from the total irrelevance.

Nr. 4: CRASHDIET - "The Savage Playground"

The next "big name" in the line. Also here I expected much more after the amazing "Generation Wild" record. But to my surprise, "The Savage Playground" has nothing of the class, the predecessor had. No great melodies, no great production. Everything is just about saving the "bad boy image" and the songwriting remains on track. This is not the band I loved for hits like "Breakin' The Chainz", "In The Raw" or "Generation Wild". Hopefully this was their only failure.


Puhhh, this one was difficult. Very often labels and promoters ask me to review one of their records. This was the same here. The thing is: when I agree to review an album, that doesn't mean it gets automaticly a good rating. There is always the risk, that an album can't convince me. And exactly this happend with "Believe". Mr. Garghentini tried to put elements from each musical genre in one album and that didn't work, because there is no real target group. Hard Rock fans (the promotion lines say we get to hear hard Rock music) won't be happy with all the gospel, funk and pop stuff. It's a weird mixture and just recommended to people, who listen to everything.

Nr. 2: STALA & SO. - "Play Another Round"

Oh no, please do yourself a favour and don't "play it another round"!
This album is below average: slushy, cheesy, boring ... just not worthy to call it Hard Rock, Sleaze Metal or whatever. The funny thing is: it descipes itself as such a record and wants to play in the same line like Steel Panther, Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet and so on. That raises expectations and "Play Another Round" delivers nothing of its promises. It has nothing to do with one of those bands. It often sounds like plastic pop, but not like Hard Rock or Metal. Stay away from it!

Nr. 1: BRET MICHAELS - "Jammin' With Friends"

This is the biggest crap I heard in years! I didn't write a Review to this one, because it just sucked and I didn't want to listen to it again and again. It's just another warmed-up Poison compilation if you want so, but with much weaker versions. I love the Poison classics, but Bret Michaels dismantle himself with each record. Just listen to "I Know You Want It" - this has nothing to do with Rock music. Bret, no one wants to hear this Hip Hop crap from you. Also the so called "friends" are a slap in the face for each Rocker: Miley Cyrus and Rapper Lil Jon - really? Come on, who needs this shit?! To make it short: Bret has no new song ideas, so he destroys old classics. Looking forward to the next brew ... not!

So, those were my biggest disappointments this year. Now it's your turn! Let's discuss! :)

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