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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SEBASTIAN BACH talks about Skid Row Reunion

Will it ever happen? Will the legendary Skid Row reunite someday? This question is asked by so many rock & metal fans out there. Some month ago former Skid Row shouter Sebastian Bach posted a long statement about a Skid Row reunion on his facebook page. He was saying that he would do it for the fans and told the other band members to think about it. That was last summer.

Now we got some more information about what happened in the meantime. In an interview, posted at Metal Sludge. Bach says that the Skid Row reunion is being held up by only ONE guy ... and that's bass player Rachel Bolan. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Sebastian Bach:
"Two offers came in. Two shows in Europe.[...] So I called all of them (the Skid Row members). First I called Scotti (Hill) and I talked to him, for like 30 minutes. It was great.Great Conversation. [...] And Snake and I ... have always, we've never had a problem me & Snake. [...] And then I called Rachel (Bolan) the bass player too and left two messages on his phone. And I heared back from everybody except for Rachel. So we didn't do the shows. [...] There is one dude, out of five, that doesn't want to do it. It's so simple. That's what's happening."
So everything is still thrilling at the Skid Row camp. I think someday they will do it, we just have to wait a little bit longer ...

To view the whole interview visit:

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