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Monday, May 5, 2014

Live-Report: RECKLESS LOVE - Live in Berlin (04.05.2014)

With "Spirit" the Finnish Glam Rockers of Reckless Love released one of the best party rock records in 2013. During their European Tour the band visited Berlin for the very first time and it was also my first chance to see these guys live on stage. Read here if this ride was worth the money or not.

I was prepared for a huge Rock'n'Roll party. Ok, "huge" isn't really the right word, because the venue (Comet Club) was a very small location with space for 200 people, but maybe just around 100 people came to see the show, which is a real shame. I still don't know why the people here in Germany, especially in the East of Germany don't like this kind of music that much. I'd love to see acts like Reckless Love, Shakra, Freedom Call, Kissin' Dynamite, and so on in bigger venues.

The good thing is: the audience made so much noise that you thought 500 fans were standing behind you! So the mood was excellent. To my surprise Reckless Love didn't present us a support act, but in my opinion the band didn't need a support because they spread their high energy all over the place. The show started with "I Love Heavy Metal" - the statement for this evening right at the beginning (although I think Reckless Love aren't a Heavy Metal band). With the second song "So Happy I Could Die" the crowd got already insane. The band looked very cool with all their leather jackets and big styled hair at the beginning of the show. Singer Olli Herman took of his cloths later during the show, but that was to expect. Perfect eye candy for the female audience. By the way it seemed like 70 percent of the people were women.

Yeah the look is very important for a Glam Metal band, but now let's talk about the performance itself. Musically we got a really good setlist which was a cross between older stuff ("Beautiful Bomb", "Romance", "One More Time") and new songs. But the focus was on their latest output "Spirit" and the predecessor "Animal Attraction". Catchy tunes like "On The Radio", "Bad Lovin'", "Animal Attraction" or "Hot" made the crowd sing-along and move. Especially "Night On Fire" was an absolute highlight at this evening. Everybody was cheering - a stunning party track. The band was visibly stirred from all this great feedback they got from the crowd - and they really deserved it. I think Reckless Love don't need to hide for acts like Steel Panther. The guys played with so much passion, professionalism and fun. Everything was perfect, not one wrong note and they looked so happy on stage.

Singer Olli Herman delivered an outstanding performance, he is the born band leader and a gifted vocalist with a charismatic voice, who knows eactly how to handle the crowd. Also guitarist Pepe is a true genius at the guitar. He is such an entertaining guy. He really breaths the spirit of guitar players of this 80's generation and this is the best compliment I can give. On many young bands guitar players stand in their corner and remain somewhat pale, while the focus lies on the lead singer ... but not Pepe. He is a very important piece of the band. But also Jalle on bass and Hessu on drums made a pretty good figure on stage. They fit perfectly to the other two guys. I think the band is so charismatic, because every band member has a certain personality on his own and you really feel that. Everyone of them is very different, which makes the whole band and their performance interesting and enjoyable.

If there is something to complain about then it is the short playtime. When the show from Sonata Arctica was finished after 90 minutes I thought that was short, but Reckless Love just played 14 songs in 70 minutes, which is kind of weak to me. They have three albums out and they could also do a cover song or a guitar/drum solo to stretch the playtime a bit. I think at least 90 minutes would have been appropriate and possible. But this was the only thing, that annoyed me a bit at this evening.

All in all it was a high energy Rock'n'Roll show and all I can say is: if you are into this kind of music go and buy your ticket! The European tour just started, so you still have the chance to see this fantastic live band in a town near you. It was definitely not my last show of these guys ... or to say it with their own words: "One more time, one night together, one more time, one crazy ride"!

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01. I Love Heavy Metal
02. So Happy I Could Die
03. On The Radio
04. Bad Lovin'
05. Edge Of Our Dreams
06. Back To Paradise 
07. Sex, Drugs & Reckless Love
08. Born To Break Your Heart
09. Beautiful Bomb
10. Romance
11. Animal Attraction
12. Night On Fire
13. Hot

14. One More Time 

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