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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Live-Report: H.E.A.T - Touring Down The Walls European Tour (Berlin, 06.05.2014)

After a great show from Reckless Love on Sunday, another fantastic Melodic Rock group from the North visited Berlin: H.E.A.T! Every fan of the genre should be familiar with this name. They always deliver quality work - you can count on these guys, so I was excited for the show. The concert was a premiere in many ways: it was the kick-off-show to their European tour, the first time that the guys were playing in Berlin and it was the first time that H.e.a.t came to Germany as a headliner.

When I took a look at the location I was a bit confused. H.e.a.t were playing in the C-Club, Berlin. This is a venue with a capacity of 500 people I think. I saw Edguy playing there and also some other established bands like Sonata Arctica played here. I couldn't imagine that H.e.a.t can fill such a venue and when I arrived at the location only four people were waiting there. That wasn't a good sign. But to my surprise the C-Club was packed with around 200 people in the end. I think this is a success for such a band, especially here in Germany. But I have to say it again: it makes me always sad and angry at the same time when such talented bands like H.e.a.t have to play in such venues and "only" 200 people attend their shows. Their songs are made for huge arenas and H.e.a.t is a first class live act, so what is wrong with those people here? I particularly noticed one thing: since Richie Sambora visited Berlin I never saw so many people from different countrys at one single show. Fans from Italy, Poland or Japan came to Berlin, just to see these guys. Thumbs up! 

But before H.e.a.t entered the stage the support act Supercharger tried to fire up the audience. This band from Denmark came along with some pretty good kick-ass Hard Rock tunes. You know, it's always hard for a support act to convince an audience that doesn't know one single song and also Supercharger had clear problems to make the audience move, although they played their asses off. I wouldn't say it was the bands fault, because they played energetic and had a good time on stage with some jokes and all that stuff. It was a solid performance. I know from different people that the audience in Berlin is always a bit "special". They always need some time to warm-up. I experienced this already on Shakra and Gotthard shows - and it was the same this time.

Even when H.e.a.t entered the stage I didn't hear the people cheering that loud. Just some hands were clapping and a few fists in the air, but luckily the ice was broken after a few songs. When the band played "Enemy In Me" a crazy fan even jumped on the stage and did some lead vocals. What a crazy guy, but it was fun. 

H.e.a.t played a bunch of hits at this evening: "Inferno" kicked much ass, as well as "Emergency", "Breaking The Silence", "Better Off Alone" and "Beg, Beg, Beg". You see the band focused more on their last two outputs "Adress The Nation" and "Tearing Down The Walls". Maybe some fans of the first two records annoyed that, but personally I think it was the right choice to play not so many tunes from the Kenny-era (fromer singer), because Erik Grönwall didn't hit every note on these songs. Especially "1000 Miles" sounded a bit strange at times.

Yeah and speaking about Grönwall himself I'm speechless. When I saw him on stage I thought "what a skinny dwarf". Erik is so small ... but I've never seen a band leader with so much power in his performance. Damn! This guy is f*cking crazy. It felt as if he were electrically charged. He was always moving, jumping, headbanging. I was wondering how this guy can sing while he jumped off the stage or climbed on some speakers. But he mangaged that very well. Eric has a very powerful voice and during the whole show he was in top form. Imagine Billy Idol meets Sebastian Bach on Speed and you'll know what this little man has to offer: a high-voltage performance - amazing!

And also the other band members were in perfect shape. When you see those guys live you realize how young they are. Especially bass player Jimmy Jay looked very young, but did a great job, as well as Crash on drums (what a heartthrob to all girls) and Jona Tee on Keyboards. Guitarist Eric Rivers is also such a gifted player. When I see him play he could be the young Richie Sambora, a very charismatic guy with expressive guitar play. 

There might be a few H.e.a.t haters out there and to those people I just can say: dare you to call this band a pop-act or something like that - with this high-energy performance in Berlin, H.e.a.t played even some of the old legendary bands from the 80's against the wall! This was one of the best Melodic Hard Rock shows I've ever seen and I'm so grateful that there are bands like this, who play this old-fashioned style of music in such a fresh and powerful way. So, you guys know what to do: the tour has just begun! Go out and buy your ticket. H.e.a.t. are a MUST-SEE!

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01. Point Of No Return
02. A Shot At Redemption
03. Better Off Alone
04. 1000 Miles
05. It's All About Tonight
06. Inferno
07. Tearing Down The Walls
08. Mannequin Show
09. Late Night Lady
10. In And Out Of Trouble
11. Beg Beg Beg
12. Downtown
13. Enemy In Me
14. Eye For An Eye
15. Emergency
16. Danger Road

17. Breaking The Silence
18. Livinng On The Run

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