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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Special: Best Of 2013 - Your Results!

Hello folks,

two weeks ago I asked you about your favorite albums, bands, etc. in 2013. First of all I want to thank everyone, who joined the survey.
When I take a look at the results I'm very happy, because it seems most of you have the same musical taste like me and that shows me that I'm not alone with my opinions.

 So, here are YOUR results:

- Your favorite album of the year 2013:
   01. Pretty Maids - "Motherland"
   02. Avantasia - "The Mystery Of Time"
   03. Stryper - "No More Hell To Pay"

- Band of the year 2013:
   01. Pretty Maids
   02. Avantasia
   03. Shakra

- Live Act of the year 2013:
   01. Bon Jovi
   02. Avantasia
   03. Bruce Springsteen

- Biggest disappointment in 2013:
   01. MSG - "Bridge The Gap"
   02. Emphatic - "Another Life"
   03. Stala & So. - "Play Another Round"

- Your most anticipated album in 2014:
   01. Gotthard - tba
   02. U2 - tba
   03. Red Dragon Cartel - "Red Dragon Cartel"

1 comment:

  1. YES. Pretty Maids is the album of 2013. Couldnt agree more. Denmark rocks