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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Special: One Year Rock & Metal 4 You!

Hey folks,

don't wonder why there aren't many updates on this Blog at the moment. The thing is, these days there aren't so many releases I'm excited about. To me, all the big ones have been released so far.
Speaking about this year ... yeah it's exactly one year ago when I founded this Blog. Some incredible things happend in that time. This year was packed with tons of amazing music, interesting interviews and fantastic live shows. I already said it in my 100th blog post, but I just can repeat myself: I thank each and every one of you readers, who support Rock & Metal 4 You and keep this site rollin'. I also want to thank all the musicians I worked with and last but not least Denys Jaime from MyGlobalMind for giving me the opportunity to move forward with my hobby.
My question to you all is: what do you like to see on Rock & Metal 4 You? Is there something you hardly miss? Feel free to comment or send me a message via the contact box.

Now I want to take the time to tell you exclusively what's coming up next on R&M4U:
In the next few weeks I will give you a short overview of all important bands, who are working on new albums right now and of course there will be another countdown of my personal "Album Of The Year" and "Song Of The Year" - list, as well as the biggest disappointments in 2013.
Oh and get ready for new live reports of Steel Panther, Freedom Call, Rock Meets Classic (feat. Alice Cooper, Joe Lynn Turner, ...) and Aerosmith! These are the ones I've got my tickets already. This will be fun!

You see, there's much interesting new stuff coming up, so stay tuned and spread the word. Thank you! :)

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