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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Quick-Reviews: Ayreon, Julian Angel, Harem Scarem

Hey folks,

here are some albums to rock your spring and there is something for everybody, whether it's Hair Metal, Progressive Metal or Melodic Hard Rock! Check it out!

- AYREON - "The Source"
- JULIAN ANGEL - "The Death Of Cool"
- HAREM SCAREM - "United"

AYREON - "The Source"

As a huge fan of Avantasia I'm always very open minded when it comes to Metal Operas and the name "Ayreon" was no stranger to me, but I really couldn't sink into this music with previous Ayreon records. It was way to bulky to my ears. When Avantasia mastermind Tobias Sammet joined the project as a guest singer on "The Source" it got my attention immediately and I gave Ayreon another chance - and what can I say? I'm so glad I listened to this album. It is much more heavy than previous Ayreon records but at the same time more catchy and easier to listen to. Simply the right mixture for me. The story is interesting, the guests are superb and the songwriting and production massive! If you like Metal Operas give this a try!  R: 9/10

JULIAN ANGEL - "The Death Of Cool"

The German "Hair Metal expert" Julian Angel is mostly known for his work with his Hair Metal project Beautiful Beast. Three years after BB's third release Julian decided to act again as a solo artist, but the new material is very close to his former project. With "The Death Of Cool" Julian presents us everything you love about the late 80's rock music: lots of attitude, catchy hooks, high pitched vocals and virtuous guitar work. The music comes along with a harder egdge, but there are still tons of nice melodies to discover like on the earworms "Reach", "Monsterous" and "Summerbreak". Although there could be a bit more variety and a more polished production on this record it is definitely recommended for every Hair Metal Maniac!  R: 8/10


That the Canadian Melodic Hard Rock band Harem Scarem is one of the most underrated bands is no secret and I still don't understand the reason why, because with Harry Hess these guys have a unique singer and Pete Lesperance is a gifted guitar player, too. With "Distant Memory", "All I Need", "Change Comes Around" and "Stranger Than Love" they also have lots of amazing songs in their repertoire. I don't think the big breaktrough will come with their newest record "United", but for those who are interested in this band: it is one hell on an album! Amazing hooks, paired with great harmonies and tight musicianship. The title track alone is worth every penny. It's one of the bands strongest works to date, so go out and buy this LP when it is out next week!  R: 9/10


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