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Saturday, April 9, 2016

CD-Review: Dion Bayman - "Don't Look Down"

Australian multi-talent Dion Bayman was the surprise act of the year for me back in 2013. With his smooth melodic rock and a sense for beautiful melodies he hit the spot in every way. He continued this path on the folowing album "Afterburn" in 2014, where he did some fine tuning here and there. It was another very infectious record. Now nearly two years later Dion comes along with his new effort, called "Don't Look Down".

After listening to this record I can make it short: everybody, who is a fan of Dion Bayman can order the album blindly! It offers all the trademarks you love about this guy: emotional, charismatic vocals, sweet melodies, soild production and a positive vibe. So you guys can stop reading now, you'll love it, I'm pretty sure.

To all those people, who haven't heard about Dion Bayman so far here is the extended version of the things I said above: Mr. Bayman's influences are pretty clear to hear on each of his albums: Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi and Matchbox Twenty - just to name a few. The cool thing is that the songs don't sound like a copy of these musicians. He takes little parts form each of them and creates his own cocktail. Dion Bayman's old-school melodic rock is something that is always easy to listen to, especially if you are looking for something to relax.

What I always liked the most was the fact that you could feel that this music is true and honest, played with heart and soul - and "Don't Look Down" is no exception. Maybe it is due to Dion's charismatic voice, but all of his songs have that certain kind of magic that can touch you deeply if you are in the right mood. A good example is "For You" with it's amazing, emotional chorus. Also "This Time" is a pure melodic rock gem and so infectious! I could easily list some more tracks here. There is simply not a bad song on this album and that shows on which high level Dion Bayman is making music.

So far, so good. If you read my other Bayman reviews you might notice that I repeat myself. So is there any difference compared to the previous records? That's still the little problem Dion Bayman has: There simply is no difference. All albums sound a bit similar to each other. After the third record in a row I would love to hear some kind of different approach on forthcoming songs. There has to be a bit more variety. Because if not, there is the possible danger that it get's boring. Dion hasn't reached that point yet, so I hope he dares to bring some new elements to the well-known mix. But that's the only thing you can complain about.

When it comes to production and sound I'm still impressed how talented this guy is. He still has my deepest respect to do everything on his own, starting by songwriting, recording, playing all instruments and mixing the whole thing. This is a full-blooded musician. And so it is no wonder that "Don't Look Down" sounds again very enjoyable with its warm production.

I think there is no need to write a long conclusion now, because you read that in the first chapter. "Don't Look Down" continues the line of high quality releases by this Australian underdog. It's once more a really good album, made for people who love hand-made music with a more softer note. Well done!

You can order the album here:



01. One More Reason *
02. 24 Hours a Day
03. Keep Coming Back
04. For You *
05. This Time *
06. Had To Let You Know
07. Open Your Heart
08. The Last One
09. It's Only Love
10. Before My Eyes *

* best tracks

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